The Ultimate Christmas Swap

What if I told you that my husband demands elaborate dinners every night? He only wants the freshest and finest ingredients, which means a daily trip to the grocery store. He doesn’t like to eat leftovers, so there isn’t even a night off. He wants fine wine, candles lit, and background music. You might have … Continue reading The Ultimate Christmas Swap

Egypt is Calling but Don’t Answer

Caller ID is a beautiful thing.  It’s hard to remember a day when we couldn’t screen our calls.  Just last week, Caller ID came to my rescue when I looked down at my ringing cell phone to see an incoming call from Egypt.  Since I don't know anyone living in Egypt, I probably dodged an … Continue reading Egypt is Calling but Don’t Answer

Your Most Important Meeting of the Day

Come away and rest… Ironically, one of the hardest things to do is rest. Why won’t we rest? Full schedules. Carpool followed by sports and dinner and homework. Full time jobs, social lives, and even ministry. Resting in a world that doesn’t rest. Perhaps the number one enemy of rest is the urgency of the … Continue reading Your Most Important Meeting of the Day