Face Your Goliath

You want to step out into your purpose but you may as well slay a giant….

My daughter and I often listen to the Jesus Bible Story Book on CD on the way to school and one morning we heard the story of David and Goliath.  The narrator always keeps us laughing with his dramatic antics and lovely British accent (much more elegant than our southern drawls).  I loved how my daughter summed up the story, “Well a newborn baby could beat a giant with God’s help.”  From the mouth of babes.  It really isn’t about David or how brave he was, but about God and who He is.

When I got home I read the passage about this story (I Samuel 17) and I’m so glad I did.  This story of David’s encounter with Goliath reminds me of what each of us face as we step into our life’s purpose.  You see, I truly believe that we all have something unique to accomplish on this earth.  Something that no one else can do but us.  We can easily talk ourselves out of stepping out and returning to the boring and mundane because of the giants we face along the way.

Revelation of your purpose may come in the mundane.

David was just running an errand.  Some days I feel like that’s all I do! David’s father sent him out to check on his brothers who were seemingly the more important ones in the scenario (I Samuel 17:17-18).  The brothers were on the battlefield and David was stuck tending the sheep.

Maybe you can relate?  Your day consists of washing clothes and running errands so your children can go to school and play sports.  You remind your husband not to forget his phone as he runs out the door for his big presentation.  Do not get me wrong….what you are doing is important in itself.  But, maybe….just maybe you are longing to do a little something more.  Pray and LISTEN to God as you are folding clothes and driving the carpool.  I’ll bet there is something He wants to share with you.  Maybe He already has.

When you take the first step you may be met with resistance.

When David gets to the encampment he hears about this Philistine, Goliath, who is breathing threats and taunting God’s people.  He starts asking questions.  David’s oldest brother reacts by berating him and hammering him with questions!  He asks David why he came down there and what he did with his sheep he was supposed to be looking after.  Then he accuses David of having bad motives for being there.  Hmmm….sound familiar?  You share your desire to start something new and get blasted with questions and accusations from those closest to you.  What about your other responsibilities?  What do you know about this?  You aren’t content with the nice life you already have?  Then those thoughts come in as condemnation as you begin to doubt your decision.  It really would have been easier for David to turn around and go back to the sheep.

It’s ok if you don’t feel qualified.

Despite all the jeers, David finds himself in front of King Saul.  Can you imagine?  Saul’s initial reaction was that David was too young and unqualified for the job.  David’s response?  Look at what all I have done!  I may be a shepherd, but I have fought off lions and bears to keep my sheep safe.  He said that the same God who helped him do those things will deliver him from the giant.  As you look back on your life, I’ll bet you will see that God has been preparing you for your purpose all along. The same God who gave you the strength in the past, can surely supply you with wisdom and boldness to take the next step.

Step out of your comfort zone but stay true to your personality.

 Saul agrees to send David into battle and then starts clothing him with heavy armor that David isn’t used to.  David tells Saul that he can’t go into battle this way.  Then he does what he is used to doing…he picks up some stones and a slingshot.  Just because God has something important for you to do, doesn’t mean you need to change who you are.  It’s quite the opposite, actually!  Use your God-given personality and talents to accomplish His purpose for you.  Trying to be someone you are not will only slow you down, just like that heavy armor was weighing on David.  You see a wildly successful individual in your company and try to be just like her only to feel awkward and fake.  Being successful means being the best version of you. It might mean changing your habits but it will never mean changing who you are.

You will face adversity on your journey, but stand your ground.

When the Philistine saw David, he mocked and cursed at him.  Goliath laughed at David’s sticks and stones and despised him because he of his youth.  He was insulted that David thought he even had a chance.  Isn’t that the way when you step into your purpose?  God often uses the underqualified and least likely to accomplish His will because then He gets the glory.  You will meet people along the way who say you are crazy for even trying or imply it through their patronizing demeanor.  But, if you know you are on the right path, then stand your ground.  Like David, you can say, “….For the battle is the LORD’s…”  David didn’t try to defend his methods or pretend he was strong.  He knew he wasn’t! Don’t miss the adventure because of a few naysayers.

Podcast Version: https://anchor.fm/listen-loudly/episodes/Face-Your-Goliath-e2iso5

For further reading, Check out Chase the Lion, by Mark Batterson.

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